Not really an April Fools prank but my mom had no idea what she was in for when I asked her to sit in my friend’s new reclining bed ;)


tanner zagarino - photo by jon malinowski

minimimiswagg asked:
What kind of things do you look for in a girl?

A contagious smile. True personality. Love of sloths, the usual

tzagismyfav asked:
Do you get annoyed with fans coming up to ask for pictures?

No always come say hi

i think im like your biggest fan out there, all my friends say i have a very unhealthy obsession with you ha

Obvs get new friends they should know your love is real

lets go to the beach aye?


Bae do you love your fans?

I can’t believe how loyal and sweet you guys are. Thank you all for supporting me we’re just getting started!

I basically follow you on every social network you have Bc your the bae

Thank you so much

What makes you feel better when you're in a bad mood?

Nothing, sometimes talking to someone, but usually I just have to wait it out